How To Set Password On GBWhatsApp?

Setting a password on GBWhatsApp can significantly enhance your messaging app’s privacy and security. Whether you’re looking to keep prying eyes away from personal conversations or simply want an extra layer of protection, GBWhatsApp’s password feature has got you covered. This post will guide you through the simple steps to set up a password on GBWhatsApp, ensuring your chats remain private and secure. With this feature, you can rest assured that your messages are accessible only to you.

How To Set Password On Gbwhatsapp?

Setting a password on GBWhatsApp is a straightforward process that adds an extra layer of security to your messaging experience. Here’s how you can secure your GBWhatsApp with a password:

Step 1: Open GBWhatsApp

Launch the GBWhatsApp application on your device. Ensure you’re using the latest version of the app for the best performance and security features.

Step 2: Access Settings

Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the home screen to open the menu. From the dropdown options, select “Settings.”

Step 3: Go to Privacy and Security

In the Settings menu, find and select the “Privacy and Security” option. This section houses various settings to customize the privacy aspects of your app.

Step 4: Find Password Settings

Scroll through the Privacy and Security options until you find the “Password” setting. This might also be labeled as “Lock GBWhatsApp” or a similar term, depending on the version of the app you are using.

Step 5: Enable Password

Toggle the switch or tap on the option to enable the password feature. You will be prompted to create a password. Depending on the app version, you might also have the option to use a pattern or fingerprint lock instead of a traditional text password.

Step 6: Set Your Password

Enter the password you wish to use. You may be asked to enter it twice to confirm. Choose a strong password that’s hard to guess but easy for you to remember.

Step 7: Configure Additional Settings (Optional)

Some versions of GBWhatsApp allow you to customize the password feature further, such as setting the app to automatically lock after a certain period of inactivity. Adjust these settings to your preference.

Step 8: Save and Exit

Once you’ve set your password and configured any additional settings, make sure to save your changes. You may need to tap a “Save” button, or it might save automatically when you exit the menu.

Additional Security Measures

GBWhatsApp, a popular modification of the original WhatsApp application, offers several additional security and privacy features designed to enhance user experience and control. While it provides more customization options than the official app, users should be cautious and aware of the potential risks associated with using third-party applications. Here are some of the additional security measures available in GBWhatsApp:

1. App Lock

Apart from setting a password for the app itself, GBWhatsApp includes an in-built app lock feature. This allows users to secure the application with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock, adding an extra layer of security beyond the device lock screen.

2. Hide Online Status

Users can choose to hide their online status, allowing them to use GBWhatsApp without appearing online. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to maintain privacy regarding their app usage times.

3. Blue Ticks After Reply

This privacy feature lets users read messages without immediately sending blue ticks to the sender. The sender only sees the blue ticks once the user replies to the message, giving recipients more control over their response times.

4. Anti-Revoke Messages

GBWhatsApp includes an anti-revoke feature, which prevents senders from deleting messages they’ve sent to you. Even if the sender deletes the message for everyone, you can still read it, ensuring you don’t miss any information.

5. Hide View Status

With this feature, users can view others’ WhatsApp statuses without letting the status poster know. It’s a handy tool for maintaining privacy while still staying up-to-date with contacts’ updates.

6. End-to-End Encrypted Backup

While the official WhatsApp offers encrypted backups, GBWhatsApp claims to maintain this security feature, ensuring that backups of chats are encrypted and secure. However, users should be cautious and verify such claims independently due to the unofficial nature of the app.

7. Custom Privacy for Contacts

GBWhatsApp allows users to set custom privacy settings for individual contacts or groups. This includes hiding blue ticks, second ticks, “typing…” status, and recording status on a per-contact basis, offering a granular level of control over privacy.

8. Security Questions for Password Recovery

To assist with password recovery, GBWhatsApp offers users the option to set security questions. This feature can help regain access to the app if the password is forgotten, reducing the risk of being locked out of the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enable Two-factor Authentication on GBWhatsApp for enhanced security?

To enable Two-factor Authentication on GBWhatsApp, go to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. You will be prompted to enter a six-digit code and set up an email address for account recovery.

What Biometric Lock options are available on GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp offers Biometric Lock options such as fingerprint and facial recognition. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock, and following the on-screen instructions.

How does Two-factor Authentication enhance security on GBWhatsApp?

Two-factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to enter a verification code sent to their registered email or phone number when logging in from a new device, preventing unauthorized access to the account.

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